I am a business consultant, and I run a research agency. You may get my credentials upon request.

Together with Intelligent Audition we implemented several projects with banks and FMCG. There has been no single launch without incremental sales that we attained together with our customers. This is an amazing innovative hybrid system (the hybridity function is still to be finalized though, but it, nonetheless, has served us a big deal ).

Elena F.researcher

I am a manager at a large FMCG, and I run trade activation programs. You may get my credentials upon request.

The tool is indispensable, especially now that we have legal limitations to advertising spirits. We use the product regularly while being able to swiftly react and thus attain incremental revenues. Thanks to the guys, we are able to receive analysis on the next day. We monitor several thousand interactions daily, as a matter of the fact.

Stefan F.lead manager

I am a business owner, and I run a chain of 6 restaurants. You may get my credentials upon request.

It feels amazing, being able to analyze what is happening at my frontline, in each and every restaurant. Thanks to the solution I am now able to understand the problems and areas for improvement. We actually have already implemented crucial changes based upon the findings provided by the agency, and we increased sales by 20%. Let along customer affinity values. Thanx!

Alex N.creative director