At the junction of human and artificial intelligence.

It is a multi-step process to take the unstructured data trapped in the audio stream of recorded interactions and turn them into structured speech analytics data that can be searched and analyzed.
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A Self-Adjusting Hybrid Listener

The patent-protected innovation summoned to increase sales

In its core, Retail Analytica is the tool that automates the process of listening to customer interactions. Delivered as an enterprise software solution, speech analytics extracts information from customer conversations that might otherwise be lost.

Hybrid Perfection Sequence Principle:

  • Records sent live
  • Preprocessed by the system
  • Human in-depth analysis
  • Results go to customer
  • System learns from human
  • Perfection future iterations


Why Analyze Customer Interactions

Activate in Trade

Shop sellers prove successful customer conversions thus receiving bonuses and increasing sales

Comprehend and Act

Intelligently analyze to identify agent coaching opportunities and standout last mile experiences

Protect Your Business

Mitigate risk by identifying possible compliance issues before they can escalate

Paint Red Flags Green

Drill down into flagged conversations and identify training opportunities by listening for sentiment and patterns

Post-Launch Results Benchmark (000)

  • Prev. Year Activations
  • Cur. Year Activations
  • Proj. Year Values

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Financial models: as per each processed contact, monthly fee or one-time installment – all options are flexible.

Large customers are used to working as per each contact, as it allows using the service without buying it (SaaS) while the product is supported and updated as per customers’ requests.


Start making data-driven decisions to grow your business!

Check Lists

- Go Through Essentials -

Why check-lists?

This tool allows making sure the dialogue is conducted in strict compliance with guidelines.


- Evaluation by AI -

Why key words?

Machine understands there are issues, based upon the keywords, and sends the results for deeper analysis.

Human Input

- In-depth Situation Analysis -

Why use human evaluation?

Humans are best listeners because humans are also talkers. Their careful input is learned by AI.


- Follow Physical Patterns -

Why follow physical patterns?

By following physical parameters, such as location, time, frequency - it would be possible to attain better understanding of the situation overall.


As early adopters of speech analytics, debt collection agencies use the software as well, doing so not only to ensure agents are following strict compliance regulations, but to provide better customer experience. Even debt collectors care about how you feel – as it pertains to persuading you to pay up.

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6 Short Steps Towards Product Launch
  • 1. Focus and Goals

    What would we like to achieve?

  • 2. Checklists and Keywords

    What kind of mechanics shall we use?

  • 3. Design

    Overall project designing.

  • 4. People & Places

    Who will participate, and where?

  • 5. System Adaptation

    Should we adapt the system in any way?

  • 6. Pilots and Launch!

    Has the pilot gone smooth?


Best Prices on the Market!

Per Contact


Roles & Cabinets

Set up your own mechanics

Set up your own questions

Set your own rules

from $0,12 per minute

The self-learning hybrid listening tool named «Intelligent Audition» can, with absolute precision, help solve your goals.

Monthly Fee

Fixed Thresholds

System Adaptation

Setting up mechanics

Setting up questions

Content management – yes

from $1299 per month

Hybridity allows increasing speeds & decreasing costs for customers. As machine does the primary assessment and sends only what needs to be proofed.


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Using the predefined vocabularies, the self-learning AI system “listens” to dialogues, determines problem instances and reports them to humans, whereupon live call center listens carefully to the lists the system has reported to them and conducts careful human analysis. The results then go back to the system for the latter to learn from humans.

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The Retail Analytica Hybrid Tool

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